Sex Makes Stability In Adult Personals Relationship

For some girls, sexual favors are not the clothes or money, but are used to maintain a relationship, as coldly objective.

“I think we very much welcome the exchange relationship, almost like” you have to do this to stay in this relationship, “one girl said,” Good Morning Everyone. ”

“There is a lot of social pressure,” said another. “Especially because of our age have a lot of girls to be in a sex personals relationship and are willing to do anything.”

The Sex Favors Are Stability Of Adult Relationship

The Sex Favors Are Stability Of Adult Relationship

The girls laughed and admitted that they never talk to their parents ‘sexual activity’.

“I mean, we’re not looking for our future husbands,” said one girl. “We are looking for, perhaps … In our time because we are an adult personals and particularly, I think all of us, of both sexes, we have many requests, I suppose, to be admitted. So if you use something casual, without any condition, which is perfectly good. ”

One man said she thinks “not mandatory” romances could be a defense mechanism against a great disappointment.

“Many girls are disappointed in love,” she said. “And I think they think they can hang the guy how to do, and do not care.

“But unfortunately, they do not care.”