Tips To Meet Dating Girls For Casual

Certainly online dating sites continue to grow in popularity when it comes to flirting and casual dating with new people, however social networking, in direct contrast is more like being introduced to your dream girl by association through your network of friends. Isn’t that the way most of us would like to meet our soul mate, through friends? Somehow this seems more genuine than meeting complete strangers through online dating sites or at the local bars and night clubs.


Don’t be put off by a beautiful girls profile “she must have a boyfriend” “she’s so popular based on her friends list” “why would she be interested in me”?

Casual Dating

Tips To Meet Dating Girls For Casual

Chatting to a girl online doesn’t require the same amount of courage compared to breaking the ice with a woman you meet on the street. First up, steel you for possible rejection, rejection is one step closer to a “yes I’d love to chat to you sometime”. Putting the moves on someone online saves you from embarrassment, if she’s not interested she probably will not even reply and nobody will know.

By getting these three steps right and in the right order, she will find it easy to communicate with you.

Let’s elaborate on these components. Attention means you need to show her how you are different compared to the other 95% of bozos who approach her everyday. Make her curious enough to reply. Connection means you should offer her something that you both share in common. And if she detects you share a common sense of humor she will definitely want to talk to you. Commitment means that this is the final stage and weather she wants you to stick around.